CULTURE "The new Bob Bullock Texas History Museum is incredible, with tons of exhibits and an IMAX theater. I would recommend it. Then there's the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue on the south shore of Town Lake, right near downtown. It's a big statue of him standing with his guitar and his hat on. Very well done, very accurate. I never saw him play, but I'll never forget where I was when he died in 1990. I was in Japan, watching it on CNN. It was just awful: a wonderful talent who had a lot of problems and got it all figured out and then gets killed in an accident. That statue tells you a lot about Austin: There aren't many statues in this city, but he's one of them."

"I've been going to a bike store called the Bicycle Sport Shop for years. They're the main Trek dealer in town, and Trek is the line I ride. One of the neat things about the Sport Shop is that it's very close to Zilker Park. You can rent a bike from them and ride down to Zilker, which is where the Austin greenbelt starts. You can ride for hours out on the greenbelt on trails, where anybody from a beginner to a pro can ride. Austin has great urban mountain biking."

"There's a place on Lake Travis called The Oasis, which, they claim, has the best sunsets in Texas. And I can't argue with them. Our favorite restaurant is Mirabelle's in northwest Austin. It's sort of a brother restaurant to another place downtown called Castle Hill Cafe, which is one of Austin's best restaurants, too. We like Mirabelle's because the guy who runs it, Michael Vilim, is a wonderful guy, with a great knowledge of food and wine. And the food is tremendous. Many regard Hudson's on the Bend as the best restaurant in Austin. It has a great wine cellar and very different food - gamy, spicy food. For example, rattlesnake crab cakes or Shiner Bock chicken."