"I would go to a bakery, either The Upper Crust Bakery or Sweetish Hill. When I first moved to Austin, I think I went to Upper Crust every morning for about three years. If you go, you have to have the cinnamon rolls. They're unlike any cinnamon roll I've ever had before. They're sinful. The other bakery is Sweetish Hill. Their morning glory muffins are great."

"The Texas State Capitol is a great spot. It's a beautiful, massive building. I'm a sucker for old buildings. The exterior of the Capitol is fantastic, with the pink granite. Austin has a lot of great parks. Zilker Park is special because it's so close to town and has so much green space and Barton Springs Pool. The pool is deep and clear and is the same temperature year-round, which is cold, very cold. But the good news is that when it's 105 degrees in the summertime, the pool is like 65. It's been a part of this community for a hundred years. It's truly an Austin landmark."

"The best barbecue is a drive out, which is not a bad thing, at a place called The Salt Lick. From downtown it will take you probably 30 minutes. The Salt Lick is old and has a huge pit where they cook everything. You sit on benches inside the place and the smell is incredible. They don't serve beer, so you have to bring your own. Great peach and blueberry cobblers. A few times a year I take a group out there, especially when people come to visit. Every year my team comes to do training camp here, and we always have a night at The Salt Lick."