"If I've been away and it's my first night back, I would eat Mexican food. Near my house is a place on Lake Austin called the Hula Hut. I think it started out as a Hawaiian/Polynesian/Mexican mix, but now it's pretty much exclusively Mexican food. Great food, big dishes, great margaritas. If I could only eat one thing in Austin it would be the Hula Hut's guacamole chicken tubular taco, which is actually a big burrito. Another place we like is Maudie's Café. It's just down the street in a shopping center, but it has great Mexican food. It's always packed. Then the other Mexican place where, for example, we went New Year's Eve, is the original Z-Tejas on Sixth Street. It's more continental Mexican food. Probably my favorite thing there is either the fish tacos or the voodoo tuna, which is really good."
"I don't go out much anymore. You get older and you've got kids and it's not as easy to go out. But the bar at the Four Seasons is where Kristin and I like to go before dinner. If we go out afterward, a great place is the Lucky Lounge on Fifth Street. It's a very basic bar, with nice lighting, good music, a friendly staff, and a cool pool table in the front. For live music, a few doors down from Lucky Lounge is Antone's, which is probably the most famous live music bar in Austin, where everybody's played: Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Joe Ely. Another one is Stubb's Bar-B-Q. In the front they have barbecue and in the back, a bar and live music stage. The Backyard, which is out west of town, is a 3,000-seat outdoor amphitheater under the trees, which really feels like a backyard. If you're lucky enough to catch somebody like Lyle Lovett there, it's just incredible."