French tennis champion René Lacoste couldn’t have known that he would forever change the attire preferred by tennis players when he made a rather shocking change on a French tennis court in 1933. He threw off the classic, starched, long-sleeved shirt and replaced it with what would become the Lacoste signature: a short-sleeved, breathable piqué shirt. Today, we know that very same style as the LACOSTE POLO.

As the iconic brand — now a veritable lifestyle empire that includes attire and accessories for each member of the family, all ­emblazoned with its ­signature crocodile — ­celebrates its 80th anniversary this year, it’s enlisted the help of iconic British art director and graphic designer Peter Saville, who created an abstract “80” logo that will adorn special-edition pieces just for this milestone. The company is also releasing a series of limited-edition polos inspired by some of Lacoste’s archival drawings, as well as several chic polo dresses and women’s espadrille-­style tennis shoes that were popular in Lacoste’s day. We tip our hats to the man because, let’s face it, no one wants to play tennis in a starched, formal shirt.