Peking Tavern, in L.A.
Brigham Yen

Downtown Los Angeles has a new performance artist. With the opening of PEKING TAVERN, Danny Yip, the longtime executive pasta chef from Mr. Chow, was convinced to come out of retirement just so he could perform his “art” of hand-pulled noodles. The deal-clincher? An open window to the kitchen, where guests can watch the noodle genius as he throws, twists, turns and stretches the dough into perfect noodles — it’s like watching an explosive version of the string game Cat’s Cradle. The new Chinese gastropub is the only place in L.A. (outside of the San Gabriel Valley) where you can find these traditional Chinese noodles, known as zha jiang, as well as authentic handmade dumplings by executive chef Yumei Liu and killer cocktails made with baijiu, a pungent, 115-proof Chinese spirit. To make sure Yip is in the house, check Peking ­Tavern’s Facebook page. “He’s an artist,” co-owner Andrew Wong says. “He creates his own schedule.” 806 S. Spring St., (213) 988-8308