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Throughout her life, Kyra Sedgwick has welcomed personal and professional changes with her trademark sunny disposition. As her hit show begins its final season, she is — what else? — looking forward to what’s next.

Great mysteries peak with a big reveal. And there is one here, too, even if Kyra Sedgwick declares that she is “totally boring” and “an open book” before spreading extra butter over an expensive croissant, the perfect capper to an early-morning yoga class in crisp downtown Vancouver, where she is filming a movie. Sedgwick lays her napkin across her lap, her phalanx of bracelets chiming with the gentle movement, and positively glows with curiosity and satisfaction. This is a woman in love with it all.

She looks eagerly across the table to determine if you believe her or not, the whole “totally boring” thing, inspecting you with those joyous eyes and that spectacular half-moon smile, which often finds her expectantly, ever-so-subtly nibbling her lower lip. It is a look that is simultaneously vulnerable and mischievous.
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And then she asks you to open the jelly for her, a charmingly coquettish move, especially when one tallies up Sedgwick’s formidable presence within the entertainment industry: a mantelful of awards and a laundry list of producing credits — not to mention her joyful marriage to Kevin Bacon, which is fast approaching its silver anniversary, and her role as mother to two college students. No, Sedgwick is no damsel in distress. She could probably charm the lid off that jar of jam, twirling her hair around her fingertips, occasionally plopping her chin into her hands. But, in a case of classic misdirection, she’d rather have you pry it loose than work your ways on the pages of her “open book.”

In fact, you have to go to her colleagues — her co-stars on TNT’s The Closer, for which Sedgwick has received an Emmy nomination every year since it debuted in 2005; she finally won the award last fall — to gather even a tablespoon of dirt, and even that shakes out like this: “She’s prone to breaking out in song — that whole classic-rock, ‘Sweet Emotion’ thing,” says Corey Reynolds, who plays Sgt. David Gabriel on the show. “And she struggles with the ’80s dance move called ‘The Snake.’ Other than that? Perfect.”

J.K. Simmons, who plays assistant police chief Will Pope, offers an equally mild morsel. “Kyra cannot dunk a basketball,” he says. “And she once tried to introduce me to Charles Barkley as Shaquille O’Neal. She had no idea it wasn’t Shaq — sports acumen being, possibly, her one great failing.”

Her biggest secret is not particularly deep either, but it is dark. The darker the better, in fact: “She’s a chocoholic,” Simmons deadpans. Closer creator James Duff confirms: “It’s not unusual at all to see her eating See’s Candies at the end of a day’s shooting before going home to dinner,” he says. “It’s irritating that she can do that and still keep her figure.”