"If my wife and I were going to pick one place, we would probably pick YiaYia's. YiaYia is Greek for 'grandma.' You can eat indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. Just a great atmosphere. They have homemade pizzas. There are also great Italian restaurants on the Hill. Some are more upper-class, some are smaller places that you just go and enjoy with the family. We really like Tony's, which is a little more upscale. Bristol is a seafood restaurant that has a great Sunday brunch buffet. But we go on a Saturday night. It's kind of quaint and you can get away and have your own room, which we usually do, and just enjoy some great seafood."

"There are plays and stage performances at The Muny, the largest outdoor musical theater in the country. They hold six, seven, eight shows every summer. Last year, they had Roman Holiday and Wizard of Oz. You're sitting outside, and you can take the whole family. Top-quality events and productions, and we just really enjoy it. The Muny is down at Forest Park, which has lots of running trails and places to picnic. On a date night, if we feel like we have a little bit of energy after four kids, my wife and I will go to Dave & Buster's, an arcade/restaurant where you can do all these virtual-reality games. I like the Super Shot, the basketball challenge where the hoop moves back and forth."


"You have to go to a sporting event and see the positive attitude and the excitement that is generated around our dome. The Edward Jones Dome is right downtown, and it's one of the loudest places to play. It holds about 66,000 people. It's always a great atmosphere on game day downtown. Blue and gold everywhere. The tailgating starts early in all the parking lots. They start setting up around 7 a.m. and have their grills and their lawn chairs out, their coolers open, and they're just sitting around or throwing the ball around. They're just a bunch of friendly people eating and drinking and having a big party before the games. It's not one that's violent, where the other team should be scared. It's just a bunch of fun people. The parking lot is full of people by 9 a.m. when there's a noon game."