"So much of what I do is kid-oriented. The Science Center is a great place to visit; [so is] the zoo. The Magic House has interactive games, things to climb on, a lot of optical-illusion-type things. It's kind of a learning process. You can see the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales at Grant's Farm, a petting zoo that our kids love. Six Flags St. Louis is a big amusement park, and they've got a water park connected to it now."

"Plaza Frontenac has a Saks Fifth Avenue and lots more. The Galleria is a huge mall that has a little bit of everything. Then there are little boutiques that my wife likes. One is called Marta's, a women's boutique where we got my wife's Super Bowl outfit: a blue sweater with a boa attached and black pants. The Central West End is a great shopping district with tiny little shops, and there are a bunch of shops at Union Station, which is like an indoor mall below the Hyatt. That will give you a taste of St. Louis."

"I love Penn Station for the warm sub sandwiches. They've got a Philly cheesesteak sub, a chicken cheesesteak, and plenty of other kinds. I like the chicken cheesesteak. During the season, a lot of guys will get the Penn Station subs. If I were taking my whole family out, I would go to California Pizza Kitchen in the Galleria. Pizza is my favorite food and my family's favorite food. Because they're individual-size pizzas at California Pizza Kitchen, you don't have to get half of this or half of that or eat what somebody else likes."

"Frozen custard is a must. St. Louis is known not so much for its ice cream; it's known for frozen custard at a place called Ted Drewes. People fly from miles away, and the lines are around the corner on warm summer nights at Ted Drewes. They have what they call concretes, kind of like a Dairy Queen Blizzard. There's also a place called Silky's, which we frequent a lot because it's closer to our house. They also specialize in frozen custard, and it's delicious."