"Annie Gunn's is my favorite steakhouse. They have a great barbecued shrimp appetizer. It is a little place with great atmosphere just outside of town on the west side of Chesterfield, a suburb of St. Louis. There's a place next to it called the Smoke House. They have any kind of takeout meat. We love a little Mexican restaurant called Salina's. It's a small place, authentic Mexican. Down in University City, which is more artsy, with movie theaters that have the cutting-edge, foreign-type feel, there's The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant."

"The Fox Theatre is a famous old-time theater in U City with balconies where you can sit overlooking the stage. They've got musical performances and Broadway shows that travel. I've seen Aida there. We went and saw Robin Williams there a few weeks back. Bob Costas has held his extravaganza to raise money for the Children's Hospital at The Fox as well."


"First Watch, a little place that only serves breakfast and lunch, is one of my favorite places. I like their skillets, with fried potatoes on the bottom, which they mix with whatever ingredients. I usually get a turkey and vegetable skillet with three eggs over easy on the top. That's my place. I love breakfast and my wife doesn't, so we don't get it much. Whenever I get a chance, I sneak out to First Watch. The waitress will come up to me and say, 'You want the regular?' And they know it's the turkey skillet."

"The Arch is great, a must-see. You can actually go inside it. There's a little museum about St. Louis on the lower half. Then you can ride small elevators that go all the way to the top. There are windows at the top where you can look out and see all of downtown St. Louis. It's especially neat if you go at night with the city all lit up. Then, there's Busch Stadium, with all of the history and great tradition that goes along with it. Obviously, this is a baseball town, and Busch Stadium is a great place to enjoy a game."