The Rams' star quarterback gears up for a new season in the city where he's become a champion both on the field and off.
When St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner threw the pass that won the 1999 Super Bowl, he not only found his receiver, he also found a home. His story is now sports legend: Five years earlier, Warner, cut by the Green Bay Packers, was sacking groceries on the graveyard shift in Cedar Falls, Iowa. He was living with his girlfriend, Brenda, and her two children in the basement of her parents' home. Then St. Louis stepped in to save him. Signed by the Rams in 1997, he spent a partial season on their European team before making the roster as a backup quarterback. When the starter suffered a knee injury in 1999, Warner, then 28, stepped up, and before he knew it was leading the NFL in passing yards and touchdown passes and became the MVP of Super Bowl XXXIV, achieving a dream he says he's had "since I first got out of diapers." As this year's preseason heats up, Warner huddled with wife Brenda and their four kids (ages 1 to 13) to pass along a family-friendly guide to the city where Warner's become a true champion.

"There's a Hyatt Regency that's connected to Union Station, which is a nice area downtown within walking distance of The Gateway Arch and Busch Stadium and the Dome and everything. The Adam's Mark is a very nice place downtown as well. The Sheraton at West Port is where all the Rams families stay before the game. It's outside of the city, but it's easy to get to downtown. The whole place is full of family members and friends of
the players."