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Always the sidekick, never the star? That’s no longer the case for Krysten Ritter, whom you may remember as the snarky friend in films like 27 Dresses, What Happens in Vegas and She’s Out of My League. This time, the 30-year-old is front and center in the ABC comedy Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23, which premieres next month. We found out more about the rising star.

On her family life: “I’m a farm girl — grew up with cows and chickens and all that. I was always the black sheep. When I tell [my family], ‘Hey, guys, you shouldn’t just live on bologna and Juicy Juice and soda,’ I’m the weird one.”

On finding her niche: “I never knew I was funny until I was auditioning for, like, Law & Order, crying hysterically and getting laughs. I was like, ‘Something’s up here.’ ”

On what she’d do if she wasn’t acting: “I’d be writing and directing. My [screenwriting debut], Life Happens, is out this month. We made it in my backyard. It was no money, a lot of elbow grease and so much fun.”

On life imitating art: “I really had fun building this character [in Apartment 23], but now I find myself in real life cracking dirty jokes or saying really inappropriate things, to the point where my boyfriend is like, ‘Oh, that’s something you would say on the show.’ Oops.”

On her co-star, James van der Beek: “I never actually saw [Dawson’s Creek]. And in the pilot, we made a reference to Varsity Blues that went right over my head. But James is a great actor, really down-to-earth and really funny.”