When American Way suggested that Kristen Bell invite her Twitter followers to submit questions for the interview, she gamely sent out a tweet from her iPhone. Within minutes, she was inundated with both funny and serious queries.

Tweet: Would you rather be a Flintstone or a Jetson?
I’d be a Jetson only if the technology we were using was environmentally friendly. If not, I’d be a Flintstone and then sacrifice all that.

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Tweet: If dinosaurs weren’t extinct, would you keep one as a pet and, if so, why?
I do not support the exotic animal trade. But, if I had to choose, it would be a brontosaurus all the way because how could you not want to ride a brontosaurus? And they seem like the kindest dinosaurs. I loved The Land Before Time. It’s one of my favorite movies.

Tweet: Has becoming a mother changed your view of what projects you decide to take?
The kind of roles? No, because it hasn’t changed my identity. I don’t think doing something sexy, per se, is no longer allowed because I now have a child. I may never do nudity in my career, but nudity doesn’t scare me. But the roles I take have changed. Not the kind of roles, but the roles I take have changed because I don’t enjoy anything more on the planet than spending time with [Lincoln]. So it makes me reconsider the amount of time I’ll be pulled away from spending time with her. My drive has gone down quite a bit because she is so fulfilling.

Tweet: What is the biggest challenge you face continuing your career after having a baby?
Deciding how I am going to handle losing the baby weight. Deciding whether or not I am going to cave to this narrative of, “What’s the shape of her body postpartum?” I just chose not to. I just don’t buy it. That’s the focus? Not that you’ve had a beautiful baby? Truth be told, I think that mothers should be off-limits. I don’t think that it’s kind to discuss anyone’s shape when they’ve done something extraordinary like deliver a human being.

Tweet: What would be your role of a lifetime?
I don’t know if it would be a role of a lifetime, but I have always imagined I would go out on trying to make Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? a Broadway play. I would just pick a girlfriend I’ve had for years and we would do it on Broadway. We’d be 70 and then retire. It would be a brilliant play and get many accolades, and we would go out winning Tonys.