Kristen Bell
Brian Bowen Smith/August

“I have done so many projects where I was perky and bubbly,” Bell says. “It comes very easily to me, and it’s a crutch. I wanted something that challenged me. It was a beautiful story and an uncomfortable story.”

Don’t worry; Bell won’t just be chasing the sorts of roles that a younger Glenn Close might have played. For instance, Frozen allowed her to fulfill a lifelong dream to become a Disney-animated princess.

“I wanted her to be way more relatable than other princesses,” Bell enthuses. “I wanted her to put her foot in her mouth and talk too fast and say too many things, just like me. They were game for all of it.”

Bell also hopes that a whole new audience will find a lot to like about Veronica Mars. She’s eager to film a sequel.

“There is a lot of me in the character,” Bell says. “I try to be really nice, but sometimes the things that go through my head that I don’t say — they’re dark. Or sassier than they should be. I don’t always say them out loud as much as Veronica does!”

Not for the last time during the day, Bell enjoys a good-natured laugh. And then heads out to play a villain for fun. 

Los Angeles–based author STEPHEN HUMPHRIES also writes for Filter, Under the Radar, Prog and Rock Square. He contributed $50 to fund the Veronica Mars movie. Like all Marshmallows, he hopes they’ll make s’more.