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If anyone knows about relationships, it’s Michael Ealy. With roles in several romantic comedies, including Think Like a Man Too, the actor has become quite the expert.

"The course of true love never did run smooth,” Shakespeare wrote centuries ago, but actor Michael Ealy believes that starring roles in a trio of recent successful romantic comedies — including this month’s Think Like a Man Too — have given him an inside line on how to navigate the occasionally choppy currents of amore. In Think Like a Man Too, based on Steve Harvey’s comedic advice book, the soft-spoken, soulful 40-year-old — who won critical accolades earlier this year for his role as android Dorian on Fox’s cult fave Almost Human — plays a hopeless romantic who learns a thing or two about love, and Ealy paid close attention.

American Way: You’ve been doing a lot of falling in love on the big screen lately, between About Last Night and the Think Like a Man films. What do you learn from creating love stories?
Michael Ealy: What I’ve learned is: Most relationship drama comes from misinterpretation and miscommunication. So much bad stuff happens from that. Don’t text. Don’t email. Don’t rely on technology. Sit down and talk to your partner. Listen to her. Of course, if the characters in these movies did those things, there wouldn’t really be a story to tell.

AW: Coincidentally perhaps, you and Kevin Hart both appear in all three of those romantic comedies. You guys are turning into the Hope-Crosby of the 21st century.
ME: Yeah, we’ve done three movies in three years, and we’ve had a ball. For as good as these movies turned out, you should really stop by the set one day. We’re singing and dancing and telling jokes all day long.

AW: Your character in the Think Like a Man films is a bona fide dreamer. Is that something you can relate to?
ME: Here’s the thing about Dominic: He’s definitely a dreamer, but in the first film, he really discovered the importance of executing the dream. In the second film, he’s still a dreamer, but the dream’s been modified a little bit. He just wants to be happy, and his happy lies not just in work but in his relationships. He’s finding the balance there. That definitely speaks to me.

AW: In what ways?
ME: I’m married now and I have a new baby, a son. Those things change a man. Right now, my life is about finding balance. I don’t want to be the kind of man who works all the time and says he’s doing it for his family. Those guys, they’re really doing it for themselves. Your family needs you. They need your presence. I love to work, and I’m living the dream, but the work stuff just isn’t as important to me now as it was.