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Kyle Andrews
Sarah Cass

Seems like you can’t turn on the tube these days without hearing a cool new song from a buzzworthy band. Here are some of our recent favorites.

Los Campesinos, “You! Me! Dancing!”
Album: Hold on Now, Youngster… (2008)
Featured in: Budweiser “Great Times Are Waiting” ad
You couldn’t escape this spot during the MLB playoffs, but with this song — which crescendos from soundcheck-style guitar plucking to full-out exuberance — as musical accompaniment, why would you want to?

Kyle Andrews, “Bombs Away”
Album: Bombs Away/We Were Colors – Single (2010)
Featured in: Doritos Late-Night Cheeseburger ad
One girl’s cab ride goes from ho-hum day to glittering night with the help of a bag of strangely flavored corn chips and this wind-in-your-hair tune of romantic reckless abandon.

Bibio, “Lovers’ Carvings”
Album: Ambivalence Avenue (2009)
Featured in: Amazon Kindle ad
Wouldn’t life be better if you had a Kindle to tote while you’re swinging in a hammock, waiting on the rinse cycle or riding your basket-equipped bike? And wouldn’t it be better still if you had this cheery number as a round-the-clock soundtrack?

Lyrically Speaking

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Tennis, “Bimini Bay”
Cape Dory (Fat Possum, $14)
“We’ve been gone for so very long that we’ve forgotten where we are from.”