Topping this month’s list of DVD releases is the 1995 Academy Award- winner The Usual Suspects, starring Kevin Spacey as crippled con man Roger “Verbal” Kint recounting, through flashbacks, a crime spree gone bad. Spacey gave the first Oscar-winning performance of his career in this film and has been on the upswing ever since. This release contains deleted scenes, new in-depth interviews with the cast and crew, and, best of all, the featurette “Keyser Soze — Lie or Legend,” which could answer a few lingering questions.

And you can’t miss the special edition release of last year’s sleeper-hit Memento. Starring Guy Pearce as a man suffering from temporary amnesia and trying to solve his wife’s murder, the movie unfolds backward. The buzz that surrounded the theatrical release of this film was not undeserving — if you missed it the first time around, now’s the time to catch it. And check out an accompanying Web site, www.otnemem.com, for some additional intrigue.

If these two movies hit the spot for you, then be sure to check out the special edition release of the Michael Douglas thriller The Game, also out this month.