What Your Business Can Do

If you're concerned about schools in your area, don't just sit on the sidelines. Get involved. Your business, your employees, and even you, individually, can make a difference. Here are some options to explore:

VOLUNTEER as a mentor or tutor.

ENCOURAGE employees to volunteer in schools, act as mentors, and advocate for better math and science education in particular. Give them time away from work to do it.

LEND qualified employees to act as part- or full-time teachers in local schools, without incurring loss of pay or benefits.

PARTICIPATE in rewards and incentive programs for teachers.

CREATE and sponsor competitions for math and science students.

STOCK a science lab.

PAY for refurbishing of your company's castoff computers and donate to your schools.

ARRANGE to pay annual stipends to mentors for teachers.

SPONSOR a teacher’s trip to a seminar, a conference, or a field-based learning program.

ESTABLISH a summer internship program for local high school students.

— Tracy Staton