Face it: There are a lot of technical shoes out there that might look decent within the context of their sport, but they aren’t much for turning heads on the streets.

Toss ‘em! Here are four pairs of stylish footwear that look good on and off the proverbial court.

Cannondale Roam
What’s That? Cannondale’s fashionable clipless cycling shoes with recessed cleats mean you can go from the mountain biking trails to the office without changing kicks — no bulky, protruding cleats that make you walk like a turkey. You’ll have to come up with another excuse for not biking to work.
How Much? $70
Where Can I Get Them? Call (800) 245-3872 for a dealer near you.
Sebago Sailor 46
What’s That?
You’ll feel like Simon Le Bon in Duran Duran’s “Rio” video in these colorful deck shoes designed for high-end yachting enthusiasts. Coolness factor aside, the compression-molded EVA footframe and non-slip sole will keep you from busting your tail when the seas get unruly. (Yacht not included.)
How Much? $90
Where Can I Get Them? www.sebago.com

Teva Steep XCR
What’s That?
These flashy, lightweight hiking shoes are designed to help you move swiftly over mixed terrain. The Gore-Tex XCR waterproof lining ensures that a misstep in the creek won’t leave you waterlogged, and the trendy black, blue, gray, and orange color scheme will spark small talk around the office watercooler.
How Much? $110
Where Can I Get Them? www.teva.com

What’s That?
Engineers spent three years in secret developing the world’s first “intelligent” running shoe. It features a built-in microprocessor sensor and motor that adapt cushioning to the wearer and react in real time to changing conditions (terrain, weight, pace). Its motor spins faster than the rotors of a helicopter.
How Much? $250
Where Can I Get Them? Check www.adidas.com for retailers.