We used the state-of-the-art gym on several days but had no spare time to book a treatment in the Nautica Spa. Nicoletta, our charming dining-room attendant, accorded Morgan (whom she nicknamed “Princess”) special skip-to-the-front treatment on the afternoon the Triumph served swan-shaped ice cream pastries at the poolside. Asad Mecci, an acclaimed hypnotist, put on a show so entertaining and fascinating that we saw it three times, including a midnight performance. We rode horses on a beach and crewed a retired America’s Cup yacht.

There’s a line of upscale shops that sell designer apparel, a sports deck featuring basketball and miniature golf, and a huge video screen that plays videos and movies and overlooks the main pool on the Lido Deck. There’s even a place to rent tuxedos (I didn’t). Crave the subdued atmosphere of an Old English library setting? Triumph has the Oxford Bar. Need to check your email? There’s an Internet café, of course. In the mood for live music? Just stroll down to Venezia Jazz Club, which will soothe your sunburned soul with cool jazz.

The five of us gave it our best shot, but I figure we experienced only about half of what the Triumph has to offer. Which, in true Love Boat fashion, can only mean one thing: There’s definitely going to be a sequel.

If You Go …

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