Rumor has it that you're as at home on the water as you are on the basketball court or golf course.
Well, the state does have like 10,000 lakes [laughs], and that offers a lot of water activities. And, yes, water is a huge thing for me. I love it. I like to go boating and fishing. I also have some vehicles like a WaveRunner that I take out on the water. I like all sorts of watersports, and I love to swim. In winter, I like to snowmobile.

We also hear you like to do comic im­pres­sions of people. Would you ever per­form at a comedy club?
I've always been a person who recog­nizes details about other people, their traits, their personalities. So I can sort of copy them after I meet or listen to them. But, no [laughs], I'm not ready to take my act on the road.

In your spare time you've also been work­ing on creating a clothing line called OBF (Official Block Family). Can you give us an update on that?
It's going through a revamping pro­cess, through the process of getting exactly what we want. I'm very funny, you know, particular, about getting it right, because it will have my name on it. I like to get involved in all the steps, from the creativity, design, and look to the end product. I'm not the type of person to hurry anything. I want to make sure it's right.

The NBA season is eight months of full-out intensity, and when you have such a huge season like we did last year, it doesn't leave much time for other projects. But when it's ready, the line will cover men's clothing first. And while it will include athletic wear, it will be a broader line, more upscale, on the level of [P. Diddy's] Sean John line. There will be leather and cashmere pieces. Top quality.

Speaking of clothes, where do you like to shop in town?
Because of my size and height, there aren't too many shops I'm really in­ter­ested in. I was in the process of opening a store, but it's been put on the back burner for a bit because of my commitment to basketball. But it's something I'm still looking into.

I will go downtown to Nicollet Mall, to the Neiman Marcus store there. They've got a really, really good se­lection. I also like Saks Fifth Avenue. Nicollet Mall is a great street mall, a cool place to people-watch. It's like the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California, a place where you walk and browse. A great place to shop. I'll put on a hat and shades and try to be inconspicuous. Although [laughs] it's hard to pull it off. Using the valet at places like Neiman Marcus makes it a little easier - I can drive there, get in and out quickly. I like to check out the travel bags, accessories, and some of the men's jewelry at both stores.