The Timberwolves MVP might be referring to the fact that a good game of chess relaxes him before tip-off. Or about his knack for doing impressions. But according to the 6'11 superstar, the planet's best-kept secret is, of all things, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Nicknamed The Kid when he came straight out of high school and into the league as a skinny-but-talented 19-year-old, Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Garnett could now officially be called The Warrior. Last season, the nine-year NBA veteran used his monstrous talent to lead the Timberwolves to the top seed in the Western Conference, put up an impressive showing in the playoffs, and nab the league MVP title in the process. He gave T-Wolves fans the ride of their lives, with hopes of even more this season. Charles Barkley, no less, says Garnett "represents everything good about the game."

Garnett, who lives in suburban Min­neapolis, signed a contract extension last season, so he's not going away anytime soon. And why should he? The city loves him and, in turn, he calls Minneapolis "the best-kept secret in the world."

Here, KG takes us on a tour of Min­neapolis, subtly revealing parts of his nature (he's a chess whiz, for one), and explaining why he loves being ex­actly where he is both on and off the court.