When Kelley Moreno wanted to find a way to convince her 13-year-old golfer son to wear sunscreen, she couldn’t find anything on the market that fit her needs. So she invented it. Spwipes is an SPF 30 sport-formula sunscreen on a wipe, bundled in trim little packs that easily fit in a golf bag. Once she hit upon her idea, Moreno and her husband, Peter, first decided to create logos and packaging and trademark the ideas. She then found an independent chemist to create a milk formula that would stick to wipes. The nifty little product is now available at Target, select Wal-Marts, and a handful of regional sporting goods stores, and she’s busy looking into opening her own manufacturing plant overseas and test marketing Spwipes formulas for babies and children. “You have to be dedicated, and timing needs to be on your side,” Moreno says. “But it’s so worthwhile to be doing something we feel good about. I’d tell people who have an idea for a business to just do it — and keep pushing forward.” That’s exactly what she plans to do.