All crazy? Too fanciful? Wait until 2400 to make a final judgment. Meantime, says Wacker, “future thinking helps us take advantage of the changes that will occur. It lets us ask, What are our next opportunities? That’s what this work is all about.”

watch and learn
what trends are top futurists telling clients to watch? here’s a sampling.

“watch the population shift to exurbia. people are moving outside the urban centers and living 50, 100, more miles away. that’s happening for economic and lifestyle reasons. a trend to watch: companies will begin to follow their employees and relocate as well.”
— roger herman, greensboro, north carolina

“consumer demand for organic produce and meats accelerates, reinvigorating the family farm.”
— bob treadway, anacortes, washington

“corporate transparency is taking hold — companies are embracing a new openness. companies are letting people see more and more deeply into their operations. that’s surprising. but i predict this trend will continue. the direction is for more transparency.”
— tom conger, president, social technologies, inc., arlington, virginia

“an economic model that assumes fewer customers each year will emerge in the 21st century. [for the first time in centuries] we are living with declining global population. since 1980, birth rates have fallen rapidly all over the world. the 21st century will be the century of population decline.”
— glen hiemstra, kirkland, washington

“spiritual leadership will change how business runs. what’s in it for me will be balanced by what’s best for the common good.”
— jay arthur, denver