Thirty years ago this month, Hall-of-Fame Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and Emmy award-winning Fox Sports broadcaster Terry Bradshaw was part of the “Immaculate Reception.” Today, Bradshaw, 54, is the most sought-after motivational speaker from the sports world and a bestselling author whose fifth book, Keep It Simple, was released in October. In his self-deprecating, homespun manner, he talks to us about that memorable TD play, his back-to-basics take on life, and the celebrities he’d most like to meet.

AW: What are your thoughts 30 years after (December 23, 1972) the “immaculate reception”?
What surprises me is that the play is as popular as it is. [Laughs] I never saw it. I chucked it, got knocked down, heard the crowd roar, not realizing the ball just bing-banged around. That Franco Harris somehow ended up with it and he’s in the end zone and I’m part of one of football’s most memorable plays. [Laughs] Former Raiders’ coach John Madden still talks about the pain.

AW: What do you hope people get from your motivational speeches and books?
I know about adversity and failure and success. The bottom line is that you get nothing that other people don’t help you get. My latest book is a feel-good, simple book. But life is simple. We make it complicated.
AW: what celebrities would you most like to meet, and why?
Meg Ryan and Mel Gibson. I’m attracted to women who have a comedic side to them. Mel’s incredible, he has enough talent not only to do Shakespeare but also to do comedy, and doesn’t take himself so seriously. And I would love to meet Brad Pitt because [tongue-in-cheek] so many people say that we look alike.