Looking for a new way to keep your cool this summer? Pick up a Riverboard and get your sweaty, grumpy self to a river, pronto. Riverboarding combines the best of kayaking, boogie boarding, and white-water rafting, to deliver an adrenaline- and water-soaked ride down your favorite stretch of river. Riders lie facedown on the chest-size boards, their flipper-clad feet kicking and churning as they dive headfirst into the rapids.

Sound exciting? It is, but it’s also remarkably safe, at least compared to white-water kayaking. Because a riverboard and its rider create more drag than a kayak, they’re able to flush out of dangerous holes that could spell disaster for a raft or kayak.

And it’s easy to learn. There’s no rolling and bracing — skills novice boaters must learn before tackling even the tamest rapids. Basically, if you can swim, you can riverboard. Which means you have one less excuse for losing your cool this summer. Ripboard riverboards cost $375 and are available through www.ripboard.com or (303) 904-8367, and you’ll need a helmet, wetsuit, and life jacket. Check out Pacific River Supply Co. at www.pacificriversupply.com or (510) 223-3675.