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You’ve seen her in everything from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days to Anchorman to August’s Our Idiot Brother. Now, with a new film (the David Wain–directed Wanderlust) and a new show (NBC’s Free Agents, co-starring Hank Azaria), Kathryn Hahn, 37, is poised to go from “Who’s that girl?” to “It girl.” Here’s everything you need to know about the rising star.

Native of: Cleveland
Favorite way to unwind: I love a massage. The harder the better.
Go-to drink: A Moscow Mule. It’s vodka, a little ginger syrup, a little lime juice, a slice of lime and some seltzer. It’s so good.
On her iPod: The National. Magnetic Fields. Vampire Weekend. I think I’m always a step behind. We just got Sirius/XM radio, and I’m like, “This is pop music?” I didn’t even know the new Katy Perry song.
If she weren’t acting: I love horses, so my husband got me riding lessons for my birthday. So something to do with horses — even the receptionist at their barn.
Best vacation spot: Big Sur. My husband and I eloped there.
Favorite movie: Tootsie. Or When Harry Met Sally. There are not enough times that I could watch them.