Just give us one. "Okay, Chez Janou. It's a little more laid-back restaurant, a little more hip. It's just outside the Marais. The food is Provençale, and it's amazing. You have to get the chocolate mousse when you're there, because it comes in this big tub, a big bowl, and you just scoop out the mousse, and, oh my goodness, it's so yummy. It's on a fabulous street corner, and it feels like you're in a real neighborhood. We love that. They have wonderful stuffed peppers. And their rabbit is excellent, if you eat meat."

Let's talk about shopping. In Le Divorce, there's a red Hermès bag that figures prominently in the plot. "Oh, no, you can't do that when you're in Paris. You can get Hermès bags anywhere. No, I never do stuff like that. I'd go to stores you can't go to anywhere else. Like Colette. That's my favorite store in Paris. Then there's L'eclaireur in the Marais. It's like Maxfield's in Los Angeles, with local designers, some Dries Van Noten, and beautiful things I'd never seen before. The Marais is the best place to go shopping; it's the most young and hip area."

Where are the best after-hours spots? "I'm not a club person, but my husband and I did go hear some music. We went to see [jazz pianist] Ahmad Jamal at that beautiful concert hall. … Oh, it's a famous one. It's really high up. There are a lot of balconies. When you walk in, it's almost like a circle, and the balcony kind of circles up. But the best was The Zenith, where we went to see Bob Dylan. The Zenith is more like an arena. It's not the most charming. It's not like the Paradiso [in Amsterdam], you know, where I went to see the Black Crowes. But it was amazing because it was Bob and he's always amazing. As for the other, I'll have to ask my husband. He remembers all this stuff. [She calls out to her husband.] 'Honey, your help. Where did we go see Ahmad Jamal?' " [He answers sweetly, "The Olympia."]