What's a place you never miss? "The Louvre, because you've got to go to the Louvre, even if it's just that every time you go back you say, 'I'm just going to do one room.' That way, eventually, I'll have seen the whole thing. Because you have to see the Mona Lisa. And then the Picasso Museum. The best is Monet's Gardens, if you're there in the spring or summer. You have to check that out because it's just insanely beautiful. You realize how inspired this man was by his surroundings. Sometimes that's everything, you know. And that's why Chris and I fell in love with Paris enough to where eventually one day we would like to spend some time living there. After the Louvre, I'd probably go get a hot chocolate at Angelina's. It's right down the street, and it's a must-do."

What makes it so special? "It's like drinking cake through a straw. It's the most amazing concoction of hot chocolate that you'll ever taste in your life. The amazing thing about it is that it's really thick, and when you try it without the crème fouettée, it's bitter. But then you put the crème fouettée on it and, well, it's a sort of ritual. They bring it to you in a pitcher, with the crème fouettée on the side, and you put it together to your own liking. And when you put the crème fouettée on it, it sweetens it. So it's sort of this amazing alchemy of chocolate and cream. Together it's the most sensational thing you'll ever have. Afterward, you might as well check yourself into the nearest hospital. Because it's overload. They also have really good pastries. It's very touristy, but worth it. All the really non-touristy places that I go to I'm not telling anybody about."

Oh, c'mon. Please! "No. I'm not giving those up." [Long pause]