You did? Tell all. "I mean, we had fallen in love before, but we had only been together for about a month when he whisked me away to Paris and we stayed at the Plaza Athénée. We hardly left our room. We just drank champagne and took little walks in the day and we'd go back to the hotel room. And we had our first passionate fight in Paris and, you know, our first real passionate times together. The Plaza Athénée is where we basically said, 'This is it. We can travel together and, man, are we madly in love.' "

Very romantic. "Yes. The Plaza Athénée is very friendly, too. My other favorite hotel is the George V. It's beautiful and classy and big, and it's got all the amenities you need. The Ritz is also beautiful, but very expensive. But, you know, all of the hotels in Paris are expensive."

What would you do if you only had a day? "You have to walk. Paris is a walking city. You walk, you take the Metro. That's how you have to experience Paris. Even if you end up walking for miles. That's where you have your romantic moments. Even if you're alone, you know. You'll look back on Paris and say, 'Remember that day I walked for an hour to get to that little coffeehouse? Or that little place where I had croissants?' That's what Paris is to me. At whatever hotel you're at, ask them, 'What's the best creperie?' A galette is what they call it there; it's a different kind of crepe. It's buckwheat, and I get eggs in it and ham and it's so yummy."