ONCE LANDED, Bosworth and her new best friend Jacqui headed straight to lunch.

"The first place I went is one of my favorite restaurants in Sydney. It's a little café on Crown Street, called Kawa. One of my favorite things about Sydney is the food. It's so delicious and so clean. The fruits, the vegetables - everything just tastes so much more fresh and alive. That particular café has some of the best produce and juices and fresh-baked breads. I ended up going there pretty much every day. It's just breakfast and lunch. It's at the end of a row of vintage shops, and I love to shop vintage, so it was really fun to stroll along and look into the windows or go into the shops."

Since Bosworth was living in Sydney, she stayed in an apartment. But that took some time to find, so, in the beginning, she stayed in a hotel. "The Quay Grand Suites Sydney," she says. "That's right on the harbor for those weeks when we did wardrobe fittings. The first couple of days I lived in Sydney, my view overlooked the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you look at a postcard of Sydney, you see either one of those things. The Sydney Harbour is wonderful, as well, because it's got lots of little restaurants that go around the harbor. A lot of people commute by boat from wherever they live. So it's a constant motion of people going from one place to the next by boat."

Her apartment was in an area called Point Piper, also surrounded by water. "It was right on the point, so my apartment was surrounded by water on all sides except for one, obviously," Bosworth says. "It was so beautiful to wake up every day and just literally have ocean all around you. There's something exciting and peaceful about it at the same time. The ocean lapped up against my patio, and when I went to bed at night, I could hear the boats."

WHEN YOU'RE LOIS LANE, you never know when Superman is going to swoop down and carry you off into the clouds or when you might fall into the clutches of some evildoer.

For that, Bosworth required sustenance, and Sydney has plenty of it.

When she wasn't working, she'd go exploring. It was always easy to find a bite to eat along the way. "There is this unbelievably beautiful walk, and anyone who's lived in Sydney would know it," she says. "You start at Icebergs, which is a wonderful ­restaurant - really good food. We had birthday parties for some of the cast and the director [Bryan Singer] there. We would meet at Icebergs on a Sunday afternoon, and you get a good bottle of wine or a cocktail and just watch the sunset because it's right on the water."

From Icebergs, "you walk all the way along the water, up around different sorts of bays and inlets, and come to Bondi Beach, which is another great place to get food." Often, Bosworth would stop for what she calls "a guilty treat. There's a great fish-and-chips place. I can't remember exactly what it's called. But it's local, and it's kind of the only one there. It's just a great place to eat and kind of socialize." If you miss the fish-and-chips, you can catch Three Eggs in North Bondi on the way back. "It's more cozy than Kawa, which is open and airy and light," she explains. "Three Eggs has big wooden tables and everybody sits out together. It has really, really yummy breakfast foods. Or pastas."

That said, "The best meal to have in ­Australia is definitely in between, like a brunchy thing." For that, you can go to Bill's. "Famous for their eggs," she says. "I think they use cream, actually. It makes them really fluffy, and they are so good. And really thick slices of bread."

After breakfast or lunch (or brunch), Bosworth would walk some more. "If you want to go farther on the walk, you can go through - and it's going to sound crazy - a beautiful old cemetery on this big, high hill that goes straight to the ocean. And everything is white, really, the whole railing and all the stones and the crosses. It looks like a postcard.

"What's great about Sydney is, for exercise, it's really about doing it naturally," she continues. "Either long walks or surfing or swimming. It's such an outdoor environment, which I love because I can't stand being in the gym."