Want to learn from a master? Here are a few of the ways Karl Meyer makes his business travel more efficient — and enjoyable.

1. DON'T PACK A BAG FOR AN OVERNIGHT TRIP. I wear my suit on the plane, and fold a clean shirt, underwear, socks, and essential toiletries into a Ziploc bag — and stuff the lot right into the ol’ briefcase.

2. GET TO THE GATE EARLY. Only a junior traveler stumbles onto a full airplane with an overloaded carry-on bag.

3. MAKE PRODUCTIVE USE OF IDLE TIME. Have something on hand to entertain you after your laptop work is done, such as a non-bulky paperback, music player, or magazine. Or (at your destination) go for a walk or run; you can combine spectacular sightseeing with a great workout.

4. ACT LIKE A LOCAL. Don’t eat at a chain restaurant — ask your clients for recommendations, or at least consult a travel Web site.

5. SLEEP. For your family’s sake, arrive home as rested as you can be.