We said...
Where we disappear into our roles as visiting New Yorkers

Incentra Village house
, expensive, (212) 206-0007. at this former greenwich village town house (which dates back to 1841), each of the 13 rooms has a different theme. the tranquil india room, for instance, is decked out with buddhas. with our brood, though, we prefer the bishop suite, which is a little larger.

washington square hotel, expensive to very expensive, (212) 777-9515. stylish art deco architecture, modern amenities like high-speed internet, a lovely sunday jazz brunch in the restaurant/lounge — this landmark lodging has much to offer. first and foremost is its location (across from the arch in washington square park) and its proximity to nyu.

corner bistro
, inexpensive, (212) 242-9502. this popular west village eatery’s name is rather misleading, because there are no wine carafes or white linen napkins. rather, you’ll find a no-frills setting where belt-busting burgers are served on paper plates with slices of pickle on the side.

moustache, inexpensive, (212) 229-2220. if you’re not a fan of communal seating or service that can sometimes be, um, relaxed, then skip this place. but if you’re a fan of authentic, affordable middle eastern food like lamb sandwiches, leek-and-scallion pizza, and baba ghanoush, then hop to it.

bespeckled trout
, (212) 255-1421. remember the old five-and-dime? the one with apothecary jars full of penny candy and a soda fountain serving up malteds and egg creams? well, the candy may not be a penny anymore, and we may now worry about how many calories those egg creams have, but the bespeckled trout is as close to the old-timey general store as you can get.

flight 001, (212) 691-1001. the idea for this clever luggage-and-more store was conceived in-flight, so it’s only appropriate that it carries the airline motif through from the design (cash register as ticketing counter) to the inventory (most of its bags fit into the overhead bin).

fat cat billiards
, (212) 675-6056. since it’s in the basement and sports all that neon, this manhattan pool hall may seem a little seedy. far from it. everyone from lawyers to lunch ladies come for its friendly prices ($5 an hour per player) and well-stocked jukebox (frank sinatra to franz ferdinand). eight ball, anyone?

rose’s turn, (212) 366-5438 (after four p.m.). woody allen, joan rivers, stiller and meara — these are just a few of the names who’ve played this legendary piano bar and cabaret club.