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The tireless (and hilarious) Judy Greer tells us what’s on her plate this year.

“I have this adorable little pool in my backyard,” says perennially busy actress Judy Greer when we catch up with her during a rare break from filming. “I was looking at it last night, and I was like, ‘Why don’t I ever buy an inner tube and sit in that pool all day?’ Maybe I’m just not good at relaxing.” Her work ethic might be bad for her tan, but it sure is good for audiences: The 35-year-old is off to a banner 2011, with no fewer than five projects to promote.

All-Time Best:
Judy Greer Roles

Becky Freeley
Miss Guided
Greer was perfect as a kindhearted high school guidance counselor. (It’s her favorite role too.)

Kitty Sanchez
Arrested Development
Greer’s portrayal of George Bluth Sr.’s assistant/mistress was full-out gutsy comedy.

Lucy Wyman
13 Going on 30
It’s hard to outshine Jennifer Garner, but Greer did, as Garner’s best friend turned rival.

Erin the File Girl
What Women Want
Proving that she’s not just the go-to hilarious best friend, Greer broke hearts as the suicidal wallflower.

American Way: You have so many upcoming projects, it’s tough to know where to begin. But co-starring with George Clooney in The Descendants seems as good a place as any!
Judy Greer: Yes, I play the wife of the man whom George Clooney’s wife, who is in a coma, is having an affair with. And it was amazeballs.

AW: On the other end of the spectrum, you’re starring in the comedy Jeff Who Lives at Home with Jason Segel and Ed Helms. Amazeballs, as well?
JG: We improv-ed so much. I just love being around Ed. He’s very calming. And he’s a good listener! A lot of actors aren’t.

AW: You’re also hitting the small screen soon with Mad Love, which has been compared to How I Met Your Mother and Friends. What’s it about?
JG: One couple meets, and it’s love at first sight. And the other couple meets, and they can’t stand each other. I’m not sure any comparisons do it justice.

AW: And then — whew! — you’re already involved with the animated shows Archer and Glenn Martin, DDS.
JG: They’re both awesome. [Glenn Martin] is one of the smartest, funniest shows I’ve ever worked on. It’s stop-action animation, and every episode is a beautiful piece of art.

AW: You’ve played every kind of female role there is. What’s your take on women in Hollywood these days?
JG: Sometimes when I look at my résumé, I think if I [were a guy], I would be getting paid three times as much. But am I really going to be a snot rocket about it? I won the lottery! I get paid to act.