Judo Strategy: Turning Your Competitors’ Strength to Your Advantage
By David B. Yoffie and Mary Kwak, Harvard Business School Press, $29.95

Even if you’ve sworn never to read another business book that translates ideas from some other discipline, take a look at this one. True, David B. Yoffie, co-author of Competing On Internet Time, and Mary Kwak, a Harvard Business School researcher, admit they’ve never taken a judo class. And they readily confess that judo isn’t exactly like business. But the similarities they do draw can help any company work to beat the competition. The thesis is that you can use movement, balance, and leverage to beat bigger rivals, just as judo masters disarm powerful opponents. And it shows how martial arts-derived tricks, such as identifying rivals’ points of vulnerability and minimizing damage when you fall, can be applied to running competitive enterprises. Hai-yah!

Dot Calm: The Search for Sanity in a Wired World
By Debra A. Dinnocenzo and Richard B. Swegan, Berrett-Koehler, $14.95
Learning consultants Debra A. Dinnocenzo and Richard B. Swegan explore the impact of over-communications and offer practical prescriptions for managing information and access.

Thriving in 24/7: Six Strategies for Taming the New World of Work
By Sally Helgesen, The Free Press, $25
Bestselling author (The Female Advantage, Currency/Doubleday) Sally Helgesen does an excellent job of analyzing and suggesting ways to handle modern life’s intrusive demands.