I know you like to go shopping, but I'm told that as a kid you could only go twice a year.
We weren't rich, so we went twice a year and would buy whatever we needed. It was a big celebration that day. I like buying in my shop, and I don't give myself a big discount. People laugh at me, but I say, "No, I don't get the right numbers at the end of the month." If I buy, I pay.

Tell us about your shop.
It's in the Barrio Salamanca and is called Amarcord. I bought the place and decorated it with a decorator. I had a vision of how I wanted it to be: pink, with all wood, and a little bit of a vintage feeling, but also a '50s feeling. I just saw it in my head and wanted it to be materialized some day. The day I came in before construction was finished, that was a great day for me. Because I had seen it in my head, and we made it happen. The clothes we sell are from designers I've found on my trips. I discovered designers who weren't being sold in Spain, you couldn't find them in Madrid, and others you could only find in a couple of places.

Where do you like to shop besides at your own store?
There is one street, Ortega Y Gasset, that has all the boutiques, like Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. For shoes, [Max Addict, owned by] Paz Vega. Her store specializes in shoes.

Say it's your first night back in Madrid. Where would you go to eat?
I would go home, eat at my house. But if I had to go out, I would probably go to De Maria, an Argentine restaurant. This is some of the best meat you can find, and the people who work there are very nice. I always go with my family and friends, all of us together, and I always see a lot of friends there. I would also go to Lucio, which is probably the best restaurant we have in Madrid. It's a very simple place, a very old restaurant. They do this dish that I also can do because somebody told me their secret. It's broken eggs with fried potatoes, and it's just incredible. They fry the eggs and break them in a particular way with garlic on top of the fries - plus a little secret. But I can't talk about it. They have good Serrano ham. Good wine. Good fish. Great taste.

What kind of wine do you like?
Roja Sangre de Toro is a famous wine. Not very expensive, but very strong. I don't like drinking very much, because I have one glass of wine and I already feel a little drunk. But I do like the taste of wine, and that would be my favorite Spanish wine. I heard they're going to quit making it. I don't know why.

Dinners in Spain often last for hours. What's your favorite place for those lingering meals?
Café Hispano. It's where I get together with friends like Fernando Trueba, the director of Belle Epoque. I've done two movies with him, and we have a group of friends and always go there. They have a room they give us that seats like 12 people, and they let us stay there until four or five in the morning. The food is sort of Mediterranean. They have clams with potatoes. A great dish. They also have one of the best croquetas, which are fried. They make it with harina.

Any other restaurant recommendations?
I would go to a restaurant north of the city called Caserón de Araceli. Or I would order food from there and take it home. The food is amazing. They have this black risotto, black rice. You know that? With the ink from the squid? And good clams. Very homey. Old. There's another place outside of Madrid called El Escorial. It's about an hour away. Good things to see there and good restaurants. Some of the best restaurants in Spain, where you can eat something called fabada, a Spanish dish prepared with white beans. El Escorial is one of the best places to find it. It takes hours to recover after that. You eat everything. You can't control yourself.