Do you still have a house in Madrid?
Two. One is an apartment. It's the first thing I ever bought. I sold it to my sister and then bought it back. My mother said, "I don't want your sister to sell it to somebody else. It's the first house you ever bought." I thought, That's true. It means something. And it's a good investment. I should buy it back. It's in the Barrio Salamanca, which is a great area. Really nice and peaceful. Near the center of town, but more quiet, with a lot of great restaurants and nice stores, good shopping. My other house is my real house in the countryside, where I live when I'm there.

Where did you grow up?
In a place called Alcobendas, and also San Sebastian de los Reyes, which is 20 minutes outside of Madrid. As a little girl, I would go to Madrid all the time, shopping or going for a weekend. It meant we would have to take the Metro and the bus, and that was a treat for me. I loved going to a big mall or a theater or the movies.

Where did you go as a child that still exists?
There was a park, Parque de Atracciones, and going there was like the highlight of the year. It's like our Disneyland. Just go and do the rides and eat all the sugar you can find. The same thing you have here: cotton candy and caramelized apples. You eat all you can get from your parents, do all the rides, and go home crying from all the confusion.

Any other favorite childhood memories?
Prince played in Madrid when I was 14, and I was fascinated. I was speechless. Speechless! I never dreamed that I would get tickets to that concert, being so young. I just felt very inspired by an artist. I had seen a lot of opera and ballet because I had been dancing since I was four. I'd been a fan of classical music since I was four, too. I would sit in a corner of my house and listen. But this was just one of these days that you remember, that inspires you. We had a party afterward at a discothèque called Joy Madrid.That was one of the first times I went out and experienced the nightlife of Madrid.

What do you consider the must-see sights in your hometown?
The Prado. You have to see the Goya Room. You have to see one of my favorite paintings ever, the Bosh. You know this painter? He's called Bosh, but in Spanish we call him El Bosco. The painting is called El Jardin de las Delicias. It's sort of a dark painting and can be a little bit disturbing. But it's just incredible that somebody did that. Maybe you can look at it and see what I mean. There are only one or two paintings by El Bosco there. Some of the flamenco painters are there. There's one I love, but I can't remember his name. There is some Velazquez in there, but El Bosco's is the painting. You can look at it for hours.

Okay, where next?
El Parque de Retiro is beautiful, our biggest, most famous park. It has a lot of runners, a little lake. It's very near the center of the city. I love to walk around the middle of town. For someone who hasn't been, I would say go to the Plaza Major. You will see the spirit of the city. A combination of couples with young kids, magicians in the street, old women together. Good energy. Good people. [There are] a lot of painters in the street [at the Plaza Major].