Cougar Town returns after a long hiatus, bringing with it more wine, more wackiness and, best of all, more Josh Hopkins.

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gabriel goldberg
Cougar Town viewers already know how much fun the show is to watch. Turns out it’s just as much fun to make. “We got lucky,” says Josh Hopkins, who plays Courteney Cox’s sexy, sarcastic, oft-belabored but usually good-humored love interest, Grayson. “We all have similar senses of humor.” After popping up everywhere from Ally McBeal to Brothers & Sisters and Private Practice, the 41-year-old Kentucky native is loving every second of the job. With the show having made its long-awaited return last month, Hopkins fills American Way in on what to expect from season three and what he’s up to when he’s not working.

American Way: What’s in store for Grayson and Jules this year?
Josh Hopkins: It was refreshing last year that they stayed together and explored the comedy in that. And this year, it’s more of the same. For a show that can be so out there and crazy sometimes, it’s a good, grounded relationship. We have great writers, and despite how ridiculous the situations can get, the characters are still people we know.

AW: Is there as much wine being drunk off-screen as there is on?
JH: Sometimes, even more so.

AW: Grayson often sings along to his ukulele. Do you write your own songs?
JH: I write quite a lot of them. Sometimes, they’ll just say, “We need a song about this, now go.” But when Sheryl Crow did the show, the music department handled our duet. When Sheryl Crow comes in, you hand it off to the pros.

AW: You tweet a lot in your downtime. Have you always been into Twitter?
JH: A year ago, I was like, “Oh, I’ll never tweet.” It seemed so self-involved. We were asked to make a handle up for the show, so I did, and then I found out that I’m very self-involved! When I first tweeted? something, I got responses? back from Belgium and South America and Italy. And now, I just do it for fun. Also, I don’t have 8 million followers, so it’s manageable. If I had 500,000 followers, I wouldn’t say near what I say now!

AW: You also participate in competitive races and triathlons. Where do you find the motivation?
JH: When I was younger, I played basketball, and I miss that form of competition. And as I’ve gotten into my older ages, the running and biking — I can still do it because it’s, well, it’s straight ahead. [Laughs.] And it’s still a form of competition, but it’s with yourself.