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Josh Charles was born and raised in Baltimore, but his heart belongs to another city. “I’m an adopted New Yorker,” admits the 39-year-old, who has shot shows such as In Treatment, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and his current hit, the critically acclaimed CBS drama The Good Wife, in the Big Apple. Josh shared with AW his favorite places to dine while on location.

DuMont Burger
314 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn
“One of the production assistants turned me on to DuMont Burger in Williamsburg. It’s one of my favorite hamburgers ever — really old school, with some cheese. It’s almost sweet in a way.”

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Barbuto 775 Washington St. www.barbutonyc.com
775 Washington St.
“If I have someone visiting, I’ll almost always take them to Barbuto in the West Village. [Chef Jonathan Waxman] makes the world’s most perfect roast chicken. It’s simple, classic, timeless.”

Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto
283 Amsterdam Ave.
“The other day, Christine Baranski and I had this amazing meal at Salumeria Rosi on the Upper East Side. It’s this incredible little Italian place with gorgeous gnocchi, all kinds of cheeses and delicious lasagna.”

Mama’s Empanadas
Multiple locations
“Every so often, if the craft service people like us that day, they bring in these tasty little empanadas from Mama’s Empanadas. They’re crisp and light. I usually get the chicken ones with some really spicy hot sauce.”