maw: violin concerto (2000). composer nicholas maw cham­pions the kind of edgy, sometimes dissonant, often eerie-sounding modernism that will stand in the long run as a musical symbol of the space age. in this recording, what you’re hearing is, in effect, a key proponent of “tonalism” bowing to the leadership of a new generation of interpreters: maw wrote the work for bell. and the fact that the cd won bell a grammy for his performance should reassure you that while you won’t come away humming this arresting, powerful music, it’s not so esoteric a pleasure that you can’t enjoy it.

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selected performances.

april 15 london

april 16 bern

april 18 hamburg

april 19 lisbon

april 21 wigmore hall, london

april 22 barbican centre, london

april 28-30salle pelletier, montreal

may 6-9 disney concert hall, los angeles

may 13 pavilion theater,
virginia beach, virginia

may 14 phi beta kappa hall,
williamsburg, virginia

may 16 kleinhans music hall,
buffalo, new york

june 23 the corn exchange,
bedford, england

june 24 royal festival hall, london