Café Slavia is the coffee shop that Czech president Václav Havel frequented while in office. Did you come across any other cultural landmarks?
The City of Prague Museum is worth the visit. When it was still Czechoslovakia, it was one of the richest countries in Europe in its heyday, and certainly the collection of art really tells you how wealthy the country was during those times. Also, I remember Letná park was a beautiful, huge park.

Kampa park is another one, I believe, closer to the Charles Bridge.
Yeah, I think there is a part of the bridge that opens up into more of the countryside along the same side as the castle. You get these wonderful, huge vantage points if you are strolling up to the castle.

That sounds like a lot of walking. How do you get around otherwise?
If you've got the time and a little bit of money­ to spend, you can ride in these wonderful cars. I think they might be old, 1920s-era Mercedes, open-top cars with beautiful woodwork. They look like what the gangsters might have had in the '20s.

Where would you go for dinner?
You can't go wrong. There is a restaurant/hotel called Valdštejnská Hospoda, originally called the Three Storks. It's literally at the foot of the bridge. It's very beautiful and fairly plush, but it has real character and atmosphere to it. You should check that out; it's a beautiful restaurant. You have to book in advance. [It's currently closed for one year for construction.] Restaurant Flambée may be best known for the fact that it is a stone cellar. I remember you go in on ground level, and it looks fairly nondescript. Then you go downstairs, and it has almost a feel of being in a crypt or something, with these wonderful candles. It's a little bit more modern, with contemporary food and great beer, but in a fantastic old cryptlike setting.

Have you done any shopping during your visits there?
On either side of the bridge, you have the center of Prague, and you can just get lost in a wonderful, small labyrinth of shops. On the side of the bridge the castle is on, just at the foot of the bridge is this wonderful shop, Škopku, where I bought some artwork, more like glasswork, like Bohemian glass vases, which had been blown, and they are very exquisite. They are more crystal in really beautiful colors. It is really an amazing shop. I think all through Prague are great crafts.

What about nightlife in Prague? What does that tend to be like?
There are downsides. To me, the downside is the enormous number of drunken youths who celebrate what we call "stag nights." Prague is the capital of stag nights. So be prepared for a lot of lads who are wearing crazy uniforms and shouting till the wee hours of the morning, because they are all celebrating or pushing some poor groom to drink far too much before his wedding day - and the same with the girls. You do get parties of boys and girls [who are] a little bit noisier and happily cheerful. But I must confess that I've done it too. I was there one time, and I remember being disappointed that Brazil knocked out England in the World Cup. My last memory was being in a bar and drowning my sorrows since we didn't get through to the semifinals.