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2007 American Idol winner Jordin Sparks is one of the stars of Sparkle.
Alicia Gbur
By now, the fame game is old hat for Jordin Sparks, who won the American Idol title in 2007 at the age of 17. But working on her debut film, the Motown-inspired remake Sparkle, nevertheless proved an education for the 22-year-old singer. “I was so nervous, I learned every single line in that script,” Sparks says. “I was schooling everyone else on their parts, like, ‘Uh, you missed a line!’ ” She also learned a lot from her on-screen mom (and offscreen mentor), the late Whitney Houston. “She was just amazing,” Sparks says. “I’m so glad I got to have that time with her.”

The experience also showed Sparks a new side of Detroit, where the movie filmed. She shares with American Way her favorite Motor City hangouts.

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Cliff Bell’s
Courtesy Cliff Bell’s

Cliff Bell’s
“It’s like stepping back in time,” says Sparks, who got to check out the club before singing there for Sparkle. “It’s this hazy, old-school jazz club that totally fit the vibe of the film; we didn’t have to do anything when we shot there. And the food is delicious.”

Jet’s Pizza
“I don’t know if it’s specific to Detroit, but this was my go-to delivery [place] while we were shooting, especially when we got out late. The All Meaty is truly awesome.”

Immerse Spa at MGM Grand Detroit
“I go to spas a lot on tour, but I especially loved this one. You can order room service to the [indoor] pool. And book a massage — it was one of the best I’ve ever had!”