Are any of the new faces in the fall television season capable of becoming the next George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston? We found five who are ready for their close-ups.

New faces pop up on prime-time television as quickly as the shows that introduce them and often fade in the same swift manner. Thankfully, talent doesn't just wilt away and die. It lingers, returns, and gets its shot at shining down the road. So it goes with the new crop of wannabe stars populating the fall's 30-plus new entries. These comedies and dramas might not be around in six months, let alone a year, but it's a safe bet the performers will outlast the products. The good ones always do. Here are five worth watching this fall - and perhaps those to come.

Jonathan Cake, Inconceivable, NBC
Jonathan Cake brings such fight and playfulness to the character of Dr. Malcolm Bower in the fertility-clinic drama Inconceivable, the first time he appears on-screen you think, Here comes trouble - and you can't wait for it to arrive. Cake was born in England and trained at Cambridge University, the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and the Royal­ Shakespeare Company, and it's something of a shame how the actor, on the surface, is being positioned as the typical Hollywood hunk: a strapping guy with a sexy accent, a work-hard, play-harder sort who rarely meets a skirt he doesn't see worthy of chasing.

Look beyond the sly packaging, though, and you'll find that Cake imbues his maverick fertility doc with a smoldering spark that has a nice whiff of uniqueness. He portrays Dr. Bower as a womanizing, publicity-hungry risk taker who gets away with everything because he's brilliant. In other words, Cake is what NBC has been desperately searching for since George Clooney scrubbed in for the last time on ER - an actor skilled enough to play arrogant and still be liked.