on the road with jon bon jovi

any items you've got to have when you travel?
no. i'm the guy in the band who has the least amount of luggage. do i need my sneakers for going to the gym? sure, i'd miss that. do i need a stereo in my room? not really. do i want my computer? yeah. i want all of these things, but i don't necessarily have to have them on every trip. do i carry a guitar all the time? no. really, i'm lucky if i have a toothbrush. i'm not, and never have been, a guy who needs the big fancy hotel room. just give me a little duffel bag and a bed and i'm fine.

you probably pack a lot of tunes, though, right?
yeah, i like to carry music when i travel. i have an ipod now, and i think that's a great invention. i used to carry hundreds of cds on the road, both in my dressing room and in my suitcase. and to have all of that right there in your hand, that's pretty amazing.

so, what do you listen to on the road?
my catalog is one part current music and three parts repurchased music that i already own. i keep buying things i have for some reason. i think i'm personally responsible for the sales of the animals' greatest hits album. i also keep adding stuff. i go on my occasional sweep through the music store and just buy everything i see. last week i was out buying pop country records. then i'll buy a johnny cash or willie nelson. then i'll buy the new, young pop rock from people i think are good. i try to find the next bob dylan. i like damien rice's new album. i don't know if it's his first record or his 19th, but it just kills me, because it's so good. i also like the band jet a lot. i'll buy them and then i'll go buy their influences, like ac/dc. i've always got to have the older stuff, too.