What about nightlife? Where does the team go to celebrate a win?
Chickie's & Pete's also hosts the Soul's post-game party that we have after every home game. Our players, coaches, and staff use it as an opportunity to really get out and meet the fans. We've had some really great times there in the past year.

You've made community involvement a key element of your team's operations, even going so far as to employ a full-time person to do community relations work.
What my partner and I knew from day one was that what was going to differentiate us from not only the big four major teams here but from the minor league teams, which are also successful, was community outreach. We decided our community outreach had to be second to none - not the Eagles, not the Phillies, not the Flyers. So hundreds of thousands of dollars were given to various charities before we even played a single down.

What types of projects have you done?
Today, for example, I'm going to visit a $100,000 playground for disadvantaged youths. This playground has been in development for a year. The players helped build it. I was there in the planning stage. That's what we do. We find out who the charities are that need things and get involved. I didn't come here looking to be a carpetbagger. I came here looking to be a part of a community.