Why an Arena Football League team?
What was intriguing to me about the AFL was that, for a football junkie like me, it was an opportunity to be around the game more often. As an entrepreneur, there were opportunities with a merchandising deal, a uniform deal, and putting something together that was grass roots and that we could make bigger than anyone had ever dreamed of.

What kind of fans are the folks in Philly?
The fans are so loyal. They are in love with their teams. The people here are different than the New York fans because New Yorkers have the Jets and the Giants, the Knicks and the Nets, the Mets and the Yankees. These people live and breathe Eagles, Sixers, Flyers, and Phillies. They always want a champion.

You once had Al Gore and Bruce Springsteen in your owner's box at a game. When out-of-towners come for games, where do you recommend they stay?
Opposing teams really enjoy the Loews Hotel. We put our recruits up there, too, sometimes when they're in town for a weekend. My partner with the Soul, Craig Spencer, co-owns The Ritz-Carlton, and it's certainly another first-class hotel.

Philadelphia has a vibrant dining scene that's gotten even more national attention lately. Any favorite restaurants?
The Capital Grille is great. I've eaten with the team at Chickie's & Pete's Cafe near Broad Street in South Philly on many occasions. And the Elephant & Castle is a great place to grab lunch when I'm at the office.