"You know, when the radio jocks have played your music for 20 years and people have memories of coming to all those Philly shows over the years, it becomes part of the patchwork of their lives. There's a kinship between us. So I know that many people who were supporters of the band now support our team."

Then again, the team was an anemic 5-11 last season. And in a town known both for packing stadiums and for booing the home team more loudly than the opposition, Bon Jovi is well aware that warm memories and "You Give Love A Bad Name/Wanted Dead or Alive" medleys over the Wachovia Spectrum's sound system won't appease Philly fans forever. The City of Brotherly Love loves a winner, and Bon Jovi and the rest of the Soul organization are hard at work trying to give them one. "There was a honeymoon period because we were new and I was the co-owner of the team and there are die-hard football fans here," he says. "But we didn't win. We have to win for them now. And we will."

Besides ensuring future victories, here's what else Bon Jovi has to say about his team, his band, his adopted city, and more.