He may be Jersey-born, but this gridiron-loving rocker picked the City of Brotherly Love for his new arena football team.

Just 11 blocks from the Philadelphia site where John Hancock put his, uh, John Hancock on the Declaration of Independence, Jon Bon Jovi is doing some signing of his own. The rocker whose hair band filled stadiums in the '80s is autographing 500 packets being sent to season ticket holders of the Philadelphia Soul, the Arena Football League team Bon Jovi co-owns.

He's sitting at a conference table in a nondescript office in a downtown high-rise. Though history is palpable almost everywhere else in Philadelphia, there's not much of it around the Soul's headquarters. Then again, at the Turf Club downstairs, you can not only wager on the ponies but enjoy a nice mushroom Swiss burger. So there's that.

Bon Jovi won't be having the mushroom Swiss, though. He's working through lunch. He's been in meetings all day, and has a charity event this afternoon once the autographs are finished. Besides, given that this 42-year-old's physique is as chiseled as some of his players', he probably doesn't eat greasy cheeseburgers.

Bon Jovi's still got the lead singer looks, too. He's tan and ruggedly handsome, his eyes brilliantly Sinatra blue. And it's all, of course, topped with That Hair. True, it doesn't stand as high and mighty as it once did, but it's still living large.