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With this, our 686th issue, American Way celebrates 40 years of history. Here's to 40 more.

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February 20
Cindy Crawford is born in DeKalb, Illinois, to John Crawford and Jennifer Moluf, whom nobody knew from Adam. Twenty years later, everybody in the world knew their daughter, one of the most successful supermodels to be produced on American shores in the history of beautiful people. The facial mole would never be the same.

March 4
In what is one of the earliest examples of British Band Foot-in-Mouth disease, the Beatles' John Lennon utters the infamous "We're more popular than Jesus now" to an interviewer from England's Evening Standard. Folks on this side of the pond are none too pleased.

March 19
The Texas Western Miners basketball team, with five African-American starters, defeats the Kentucky Wildcats, with five white starters, to win the NCAA Championship, breaking the segregation barrier in college basketball for the first time.

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May 16
The Beach Boys unleash Pet Sounds, which would become one of the most legendary and cutting-edge albums in history. Songs like "Wouldn't It Be Nice," "God Only Knows," "Caroline No," and "Sloop John B" own the airwaves the rest of the summer.

June 13
The United States Supreme Court rules 5-4 in the landmark decision Miranda v. Arizona, protecting rights of the accused and giving us all the right to remain silent. Until the invention of the cell phone, that is.

July 30
England defeats West Germany at London's Wembley Stadium to take home their first - and thus far only - World Cup. The Americans, oddly enough, do not qualify.