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As Chinese New Year begins later this month, the passionate and powerful water dragon will take its place as the celebrated creature of the year. To commemorate, John Hardy is introducing its Naga collection of dragon-inspired sterling silver, gold and precious-stone bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants. It’s only fitting, given that the dragon — which represents protection, eternal love and prosperity — is a bit of a mascot for the jewelry maker. “The brand of John Hardy is from Bali,” explains Guy Bedarida, John Hardy’s creative director and head designer, “and the island has a strong symbology with the dragon. In Bali, volcanoes are sacred, and the dragon lives in the volcano … from there, the dragon can see all that happens on the island and can protect it.” He continues: “The dragon is in love with the pearl. Each night he dives into the ocean to kiss the pearl. That’s eternal love. And when he climbs home from the ocean to the volcano, the water runs off his scales and into the rice fields, bringing us prosperity.” Sounds like a good year to be a dragon. $395 to $2,395; www.johnhardy.com