Port Townsend, Washington
november 1983
stays in port townsend until july 1984; sets up a boatbuilding shop and spends the winter building a dory-skiff.

Missoula, Montana
october 1984–86
enrolls in and completes a master’s program in environmental studies at the university of montana.

Kalmiopsis Wilderness Siskiyou National Forest, Oregon
august 1983
john walks across the wilderness alone, revisiting the site of the solitary winter he spent in a cabin at copper creek several years before.

Arco, Idaho
August 1986
endures a parching walk across the desert, surviving thanks to some good samaritans who leave him water.

Inverness, California
April 1972
John stops using motorized vehicles. In february 1973, still in inverness, he stops speaking.

Point Reyes National Seashore, California
January 1983
John begins his cross-country trek with a 12-mile walk to point reyes station.

Point Reyes Station, California
April 1983
Leaves point reyes to walk to Port Townsend, Washington, crossing over the Golden Gate Bridge for the last time for 12 years.

Yellowstone National Park
August–September, 1986
Walks through Yellowstone National Park, treading lightly amid the ever-present threat of grizzlies.

Watertown, South Dakota
November 1986–April 1987
Forced to stop by a storm, John takes up residence in Watertown for the winter and uses the time to master printmaking and apply to doctoral programs.

Forestville, Minnesota
May 1987
Meets the Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota and learns the snake dance of the native people.

Madison, Wisconsin
June 1987–October 1989
John attends a PHD program at the University of Wisconsin; he writes his dissertation on oil spills.

Devon, Pennsylvania
November 1989
Closing in on the East Coast at last, John meets his father for lunch, the first time he’s been met by a family member since he began his trek six years earlier.

Atlantic City, New Jersey
January 1990
Touches the Atlantic ocean for the first time.